Applicant tracking system (ATS) is being increasingly used for this purpose. Some or the other form of applicant tracking system is used to streamline recruitment processes and to manage resume data.

An applicant tracking system is very similar to recruitment software Here are a few of the major features that an ATS offers:

 An applicant tracking system equips the user with advanced tools like resume parser, utility reports, to-do-lists, modules like PR, CRM, billing and incentive, etc.

  • ATS takes care of various aspects of the recruitment process like scheduling interviews, providing feedback and candidate status updates. The resumes bought up by an ATS resume parser matches relevancy which is required for candidates with niche skills.
  • ATS provides an integrated platform for candidates, recruiters and clients to co-ordinate. This eliminates any kind of confusion that may otherwise arise because of manual processes.
  • Adopting an ATS ensures that you also follow the best recruitment practices.
  • Applicant Tracking System enables timely updates on the status of the candidate and thus saves a lot of time, otherwise spent by the recruiter in follow-up calls and queries.
  • The vendor portal feature offered by applicant tracking systems helps easy interaction with vendors when it comes to things like publishing positions, status of candidates, etc.

Getting a clear picture of your recruitment pipeline at all points of time is possible with recruitment automation using ATS. Details of open positions, vacancies, candidates in process and pending offers can be viewed as soon as you log in. Various reports can also be generated.


Applicant Tracking System can certainly help improve recruitment efficiency if the right solution is used. The system should suit your hiring needs and should be able to integrate well with all your processes. Invest in quality ATS to see how it improves your hiring efficiency in no time!